Hudson Taylor 3 - Trip to China

Jesus protects

On September 19, 1853, Hudson started his trip to China.
The ship had hardly left the port when it got caught in a violent storm. The waves threatened to destroy the ship.
But Jesus, the strong protector, won't let them die.
Another time there was no wind. The sails hung limply. At the same time, the strong current drove the ship towards a rocky reef.
The captain gave up and said, "This is our end. There is nothing more we can do."
"There is still something we can do," said Hudson. "We can pray and ask God for wind."
Hudson Taylor prayed and firmly believed that God helps.
So he ordered: "Lower the main sail!"
Suddenly the wind blew into the sails and they passed the dangerous reef.
Jesus held his protective hand over the "Dumfries" for five months.
Finally the ship anchored at Shanghai.
Hudson cried for joy when he stepped on Chinese ground. Here he wanted to tell people about Jesus, his protector. But he had to learn Chinese first.
Learning Chinese is hard work. His head often ached from learning the many new words, sounds and characters.
Hudson travelled around and gave away books that explained the good news of Jesus. Some people were happy; others were very angry about it.
On the way to Ningpo, he was attacked and robbed one day. The robbers even took his Bible with them!
In In Ningpo, Hudson lived next to a mission school.
There taught Maria Dyer, an English woman.
Hudson and Maria got to know and love each other.
But it still took 2 years before they could finally get married.