Identification cards for Jesus

How do I know that it's all true?

“How do I know that it's all true?" Sarah wanted to know. “Can you prove that Jesus is truly the Son of God?”

I asked her: "Can you prove that you are Sarah?”
“Sure, with my identification card!” she answered.
"Too bad Jesus does not have one.”
Sarah didn't know that Jesus has five identification cards.

"He has five identification cards? Is that true?”
The first identification card Jesus received was from God. When Jesus was baptized, a voice from heaven said: "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”
The second identification card is the Bible, because all prophecies about the Son of God were fulfilled in Jesus.
The third identification card for the Son of God is his resurrection. He is alive. He has many witnesses.
Humans issued the fourth identification card. People who knew him said: "This is truly the Son of God.”
I will show you the fifth identification card, which was at Cana of Galilee. A wedding was taking place there. Jesus and his friends were also invited.

The guests were singing, eating and drinking.
And then it happened: There was no more wine left. Mary was the first one to notice and she told Jesus.

Jesus told the servants: "Fill the jars with water.”
Around 150 gallons of water were carried from the well and Jesus told them: "Take some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”
The master of the banquet took a sip, tasted it and rushed over to the groom. "Where does this wine come from? " he wanted to know. "I have never tasted such great wine before.”

Jesus had turned ordinary water into the finest wine!
This was the first miracle he had performed.
Miracles are an identification card for the Son of God.
There are five identification cards for the Son of God.

"That's enough for me. I believe in him. How about you?"