The Indian Chief And Jesus

Nothing more to give?

With the machete in his hand, the missionary made his way through the jungle. Finally, he reached the Indian village. The Indian chief greeted him in a friendly way. In no time the entire village gathered around him.
Gladly the missionary began: “God has sent me to you that you may know how man can go to Heaven.“
The Indian chief was happy to hear this good news. He stood up, took something and said, “The Indian chief gives God his bow and arrow.” Then he continued listening.
And the missionary continued speaking. „God loves you and wants you to come to Him. But God is holy, and your sins close the way to Him. Sinners do not go to Heaven.“
That saddened the Indians. They had stolen, lied, and killed, and they were ashamed.

“Don’t be sad!” said the missionary. “God loves you. He will forgive your sins.”
Happy to hear that, the Indian chief stood up and brought a beautiful colorful carpet.
“The Indian chief is glad that God loves him; he gives God his carpet.” Then he continued to listen.
“God sent His only Son to Earth to pay the penalty for the sins of all men.” God has done so much!
The Indian chief took the missionary to the river to give God the most valuable thing he owned.
“The Indian chief wants to give God his boat. Now I have nothing more to give to God.”
The missionary spoke further. “Jesus, the Son of God, gave His own life on the cross for your guilt. He loves you. Believe on Him and He will forgive your sin and you will be able to go to Heaven.”
The face of the chief beamed as he said, “Oh, I know what I can give God; my trust. I believe that Jesus died for me and will obey Him. From now on Jesus will always have first place in my life.”
Would you also like to be happy? Then do this: believe on the Lord Jesus and give Him first place in your life.

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