Hudson Taylor 1 - Dream Job

I want to be a missionary

It was tea time for the Taylor family in England, about 170 years ago.
The father talked about the far away country of China. Hudson listened intently.
That’s when Hudson found his dream job.
"When I am a man I want to be a missionary and go to China."
His Mum and Dad had prayed since before Hudson was born that he would be a missionary to China!
When Hudson turned 13 he worked with his Dad at the pharmacy. Hudson decided that he wanted to make a lot of money.
Hudson forgot that he wanted to be a missionary. He didn’t want to live for God any more.
When Hudson was 17, a day off changed his whole life.
It was a nice day so he took a booklet to the barn to read.
He read about something Jesus said when He died on the cross. Jesus said, “It is finished.” What was finished?
While he was reading his Mum was praying for him. She prayed that God would show Hudson his need to have his sin forgiven and become a child of God.
Hudson suddenly understood: "When He said‚ “it is finished‚” that meant He had done what He came to earth to do, to take away your problem of sin so you can have a relationship with God."
Hudson asked Jesus to be his Saviour that day.