Pray As Jesus Prayed - Part 1

Jesus prayed all night on a mountain

Jesus had a very tiring day behind Him.
The scribes and Pharisees had attacked Him with words. They were angry with Him.
They discussed among themselves how they could get Jesus out of the way.
At this time Jesus climbed a mountain in order to pray.

He wanted to be alone with God, His Father.
Jesus needed the quiet time in which to be close to God the Father.
He could speak with Him about everything. That was very important to Jesus.
For that reason He sought out a quiet place where He was all alone.
The Bible says,
“All night He continued in prayer…” (Lukas 6,12).
In the morning, as it became light, Jesus made important decisions.
He chose His 12 disciples.
When you live for Jesus, it is just as important to have a quiet time and talk with God.

How do you do that?
When do you have a “Quiet Time” with God?

It is important that you have a quiet place and are not distracted.

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